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Ligo educational app is a famous Edutech application, mixed platform that allows users to learn basic Khmer by repeating phonics/sounds while learning the cultural etiquette. You can learn things related to language, culture, communication technique etc. Here we will explain all the things by which you will able to learn how to speak, read and write basic things correctly of various language you are learning with Ligo educational app.

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Version required ios 10 or later, Android Kitkat or later


Main Feature

We do our best to make the most user-friendly and responsive app.

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Responsive Design

To help users to speak more fluently, Ligo's features are designed to be effective so that you can practice your pronunciation by recording your speaking and comparing it with the standard pronunciation.

Learn Feature

One of the core features is provided to enhance the quality of learning new LANGUAGES on your own. There will be conversations coming up with sets of sounds which allow users to easily improve their pronunciation.

1000+ Phrase

The first version of the LIGO app contains more than 300+ phrases to learn. For the next version, we plan to provide the users with more than 1000+ phrases to practice with.


Do & Don't

This feature is designed to explain basic cultural Dos and Don'ts which you should try to keep in mind as you travel through Cambodia!

Discover Feature

Another core feature allows users to discover more useful words and sentences. There are MORE than 300 sentences with sound provided available for users to discover as an additional resource.


The app is designed to be easy to use. The users have their own personal teachers in their pocket which maximizes their opportunities to learn a new language.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Do I need to pay immediately after downloading?

No! Actually, Ligo offers a free trial for 1 month. Then, if you still are interested, you can purchase more content by upgrading to pro.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all kinds of common international platforms including MasterCard, Visa, or other. You can also purchase through smartluy or phone balance (for smart users).

Company Overview

Seeing how people nowadays are facing the problems to get the motivation to learn their NON-native languages, we came up with an idea to create a cross-digital platform which aims to improve the way learning and the fluency of speaking. We brought this idea into a competition called SmartStart Young Innovation Program 2017. Finally, the idea was selected to be one of the top 5 winning ideas with financial support from Smart. Through SmartStart, we are able to develop and turn our concepts into actual tech enterprises.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

+(855)87 838 454

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Our company "LIGO" dealing in the education business. It is among the top 5 SmartStart competition in Cambodia, our home country. We are now interested in expanding our application for that we chose to operate in more support languages.

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